Be social and meet your friends as often as you can. If necessary, give a helping hand to everyone who asks for it. It will help you grow your whole character and will make you comfortable with your own behavior. Being around your loved-ones has a positive effect on your brain and whole body because you’re automatically filled with love and happiness.

These lines come from a person with a good heart

Better get enough sleep

Try to get enough sleep every night. It will fill your whole body with an extensive amount of energy. Your whole mind will be at peace when you wake up in the morning, plus your blood pressure will be on its best level after a peaceful night. Make life the best you can by getting at least 8 hours sleep every night.

Fruits boost your health and defend against illnesses

What kind of food?

If you’re not a vegetarian, try to eat fish at least 2-3 times a week. The protein is essential for your whole body function. Protein is also known for being a „fat killer“, so if you’re overweight and want to get rid of some kilos: Go ahead! Protein has only a positive effect on your body and overall will make you a happier and stronger person.

a mind needs to grow and mature just like wine

Sports of all sorts

Stop at the gym once in a while because exercising will make your body sweat. Sweating is a good thing if you want to get rid of all the poison in your body. Just sweat it out! After the gym, you’ll automatically feel relieved and most of all, proud of yourself (knowing you didn’t just do all the sweating for nothing).

water makes the body run smoother, balance and mind


Sometimes it helps to bring all of your negative thoughts to paper and just get rid of your whole negative mind this way. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, it’s best to get yourself a diary and write everything down what bothers you. Don’t just write the negative stuff, also mention the stuff which made you happy. It will help you to see the positive side your life (not only the negative).

Put your phone away once in a while and enjoy the silence. Don’t feel forced to be reachable for other people around the clock. Just take some time to yourself and go for a relaxing walk or drive to a lake and enjoy the scenery. Just allow yourself some time off and only be reachable to yourself.

Maybe it sounds like a cliché but going on vacation really does help your inner peace. Some time abroad will open your eyes to the mysterious and beautiful things in life. Book a plane ticket and go wherever you always dreamed of going. It’s never too late to experience other cultures. It will help your thoughts grow.

Better person
  • Becoming a
  • better person means
  • that you make yourself
  • and your environment
  • better that before your
  • existence. Plant a tree,
  • grow and make people
  • follow you.
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