The Status Quo:

People are often very attached to the status quo. Decisions tend to involve the prospect of change, which many people find difficult.

Desicions come easy?:

When you struggle to make decisions or are you going back over decisions you have made, constantly doubting that you made the right choice?

Poor decision-making skills do haunt your career, and most likely ending up believing we are weak and ineffective. It does not have to be that way. There are methods through that madness. There are several methods of making decisions.

Ways to take a desicion

  • intuition: follow your instincts or your gut feeling.
  • Bad is that intuition-based decision making is that negative emotions such as fear or anger or hurt feelings will drive you.
  • Rational decision-making.
  • Bad is that it looks great on paper, but real life may not be so neat and orderly.

    Whatever you do try to decide in a way where no one will be hurt, if the choice is that you get hurt when taking the wrong decision it depends how much you like the other person.

    Life Experiences

    Desicion taking becomes easier the older you grow and the more life experience you have. Staying in your job fpr 30 Years gives you limited life experience versus someone who changed 5 jobs in 20 years.

    Don't waste time when working on yourself

    Is it a problem?

    Identify the problem and decide if it is a problem. Emotinal people get offended much more than less emotional people. Friends of mine were offended because I did not great back at a honk from a car i did not know, with darkened windows how could I recognize anyone?

    Too many choices?

    You may have too many choices such as in a restaurant. Just don't forget. You eat statistically up to 1000 pizzas in your life, so many hundreds of nuddles dishes, so just look at the ingredients and choose what you like. Or you are with 5 friend trying to reach consense, If you always liked to risk a little more risk a little more.

    lifes is too good to be wasted class=
    Better person
    • Becoming a
    • better person means
    • that you make yourself
    • and your environment
    • better that before your
    • existence. Plant a tree,
    • grow and make people
    • follow you.
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