Base of a healthy mind

That is a healthy body, we are what we eat, all you take in is processed into the base material your body is made of. Change is easy but valueble in time. Good 10 years are needed to change your entire body. The earlier you begin the better 4 U. In itself health is only one ingredient. Positivity gets you a long way. Try to surround yourself with positive people. Which is not an easy task.

Better than Orangejuice is fresh Orange

Fist steps first, oranges hold fiebers our body uses in digestion. It is not only Vitamin C your body craves.

Fruits boost your health and defend against illnesses

Best Fresh Grapes

Vitamins and fieber is part of what we need. Meat, fish korn are also quiet important. We have highly complex bodies we need a lot of good ingredients. The less touched is often the best form of food.

a mind needs to grow and mature just like wine

Best Fresh Gauva

A healthy mind is pretty powerful, too much negativity and worries can make you sick. A quite place to live with good people is worth a lot of health. You'll sleep better i.e. Your body works better, your immunesystem is stronger. '

water makes the body run smoother, balance and mind
Better person
  • Becoming a
  • better person means
  • that you make yourself
  • and your environment
  • better that before your
  • existence. Plant a tree,
  • grow and make people
  • follow you.
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