How to improve

Guidance is our aim, to enable you finding a point from where to start. becoming a better person is a lifelong and fullfilling ambition. A starting point is to judge by action rather than words. Once you see thru words You are on the right track. Ingesting fruits is just the hanger to start, after that food becomes something worth having a closer look. Sport makes you breath deeper thus taking in more oxigen. You don't need to do sport to draw a deeper breath, you can do that in the office, in school whereever you are.

Life's too good to be wasted

In the quest to become a better person a healthy mind is a big step in the right direction. With a healthy mind, briming with positivity the desire to eat healthy comes natural.

Life's too good to be wasted

As grapes turn to wine a person needs to mature. As with wine good conditions good soils is needed. You don't live in a positive environment, see to make it more positive, plant, learn, teach.

Life's too good to be wasted

Are you aware that once you drink more than 2 litres of water a day your body learns to run more smoothly, that your organs have access to more fluid to function well.

Rage and furry

Often called a Borderline personality disorder highly emotional mood swings and they often interacterratic with others. An eEmotionally unstable person can find peace thru inner balance. Inner balance is not so difficult to find. Start with outer balance. Jump in one foot 30 meters / 30 yards if you will and than the other. Play catching with a ball. The earlier you commence the better.

Once you master that it wise to recognice the potential of the furry in a person, sport will help.

Work on yourself and everytime you wish to give up use your rage to run/ride the extra mile..

Becoming a better person is beyond being balanced and comes ony at the cost of food, water, trips into a forrest/ or to the sea. You can be balanced and driven at the same time, see how eastern disciple work on themselves to reach their goals. How do you maintain a discipline is not that hard? Just combine a custom to whatever you want to acomplish, in other word get used to a regular schedule and with an incredible commitment to your goal.

Better person
  • Becoming a
  • better person means
  • that you make yourself
  • and your environment
  • better that before your
  • existence. Plant a tree,
  • grow and make people
  • follow you.
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