how to increase willpower:

We all struggle with erratic or impulsive behavior and the inability to complete a complex task. It helps to get rid of the lack of willpower. Willpower is well worth to pursue its one of those things that we have in our subconscious and which control our life. Those who have it have learned to master ist and they are able to set and keep strict social and personal rules. Their lives are more ordely and seldom turn into madness.

Willpower, is the motivation we have to exercise our will.

We should apply this to lots of things. For example:

and much more.

Jordan Peterson (University of Toronto) on Mood swing.

Willpower and endurance:

Life’s too good to be wasted. So just don’t waste it. Health is the first step it helps to develop willpower.

Evidence shows clearly

that willpower and self-control are essential for a happy and successful life. But use it or lose it, just don’t overdo it You undoubtedly already know that Muscles get stronger when exercised with willpower.

lifes is too good  to be wasted

In Sport

coaches and trainers frequentlydraw a line between comfort zones and stretch zones. If you are comfortable running a 10-minute mile, increasing your pace to a 9-minute mile puts you well into your stretch zone. Switchting between the two is a good way to improve your performance.

You need to build good habits; those are needed once you are stressed.

The impact that stress has on the body is immense. Stress also depletes willpower. People tend to fall back on ingrained habits when they are stressed. It does not matter if those habits are good or bad. Often, this is not a conscious choice. Rather, people resort to old habits without thinking because they are in a stressed state. Generally people don't think.'

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