Do you know yourself?

A lot of accidents could be avoided if we'd know ourselves better. Sometimes we loose control of ourselves, not understanding why and that is depressing.

Faults are:

  • being neurotic,
  • being needy and snappish,
  • Not only our surrounding will become much happier, you too will benefit greatly.

  • By identifying one addiction at a time.
  • Resisting one temptation at a time.
  • Defeating one demon at a time.
  • Beginning right away
  • Mindfulness: when you’re under pressure, practice ways to reduce stress and increase mindfulness, such as focused breathing.

    Individuation: Evaluate people based on their personal characteristics. Including connecting over shared interests.

    Perspective-taking: Try to think of someone elses persective to weaken stereotyping. Do this by directly interacting with people from those groups.

    Learn to slow down: When your blood is beginning to boil just pause and reflect to reduce reflexive actions. Consider positive examples of people from that stereotyped group, such as public figures or personal friends.

    First steps:

    Possitive Speech: As opposed to saying things like “I don't like ,” use "I like that one better", welcome differences instead of mobilizing hate.

    Thinking intuitively is good

    There are quite some areas of psychology – i.e. judgement and decision making, and reasoning – we are better off basing our decisions on our gut. We all have a sophisticated unconscious mechanism able to abstract and integrate across lots of information that is difficult to evaluate consciously.

    Don't waste time when working on yourself

    Thinking consciously is much better

    Upon decision making, three types of evidence that the unconscious is the dominant system, which all leads all of us in the wrong direction when it matters most. To think consciously you need to pause and reflect. Recognice that we all are biased in some ways. Remember Dogmatism makes ypu blind towards other people's concerns. An Ill our society suffers from.

    Let your consious take over:

    The advantage of an unconscious system is that it doesn’t require much memory or attention, which makes it hyper-efficient. Unfortunately we are always looking for short cuts. So best is to let consciousness process be the the primary roler in our decision making.

    lifes is too good to be wasted class=
    Better person
    • Becoming a
    • better person means
    • that you make yourself
    • and your environment
    • better that before your
    • existence. Plant a tree,
    • grow and make people
    • follow you.
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