Thrive for success?

Sure, most of us do., but do you have what it takes?

Just start:

Nothing comes from nothing, Luck does not exist, luck appears when preparation meets opportunity.We need to fail in order to succeed. That is not new, unfortunately the older you become the easier you like to avoid risk. Preparation does not hold risk. Anyone having trained to become better knows you make more of your habilties when trusting yourself more, more trust comes with practise.

Failure: when failing a window of opportunity opens

Laziness: From nothing comes nothing.

Perspective-is everything: See an opportunity, every crisis has winners, Stock exchanges don't burn money, money changes hands

Think possitive:

Most situations have two or more sides, look at the bright side of life

The movie shows how to do it

See it for yourself, examples are given, just change the way you see things.

Examples in life bigger than life.

Thinking possitiv is much better

It takes all your worries from your mind.

Better person
  • Becoming a
  • better person means
  • that you make yourself
  • and your environment
  • better that before your
  • existence. Plant a tree,
  • grow and make people
  • follow you.
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